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With Deshed Comb you can now remove unwanted/broken hair from your pet's coat while grooming it flawlessly. No more pet hair ruining your expensive clothes, furniture, etc...

With its 135° soft bristles Deshed Comb provides a petting feel with a massaging effect on your fur baby! This makes them instantly fall in love with it, makes deshedding fun for them and easy for you!

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It is super easy to clean and very convenient to use. My cat loves being brushed by it.



Deshed Comb is designed to provide a mess-free experience. Once the comb is used you can clean it with just a click of a button

A single press of the button removes all the hair from the comb in a circular patch that does not spread around making it easy to throw out the hair.


  • Last Pet Comb You'll Ever Need: It gently removes undercoat, loose hair, knots, flakes, and trapped dirt. It is a good choice for both dog and cat owners. It not only keeps your pets clean but also provides you with a clean and hygienic environment at home.
  • Easy To Clean: Just by clicking the back button on Deshed Comb you can clean and wipe away all the hairs from the comb in a nice organized manner.
  • Pets Like It Pet Owners Love It: A non-slip ergonomic comfort grip made of silicone provides easy control. Soft bristles ensure safe grooming and a messaging effect for your pet. With the way it works and your pets' liking towards it, you will fall in love with it
  • Enjoyable Brushing Experience: Pet grooming can strengthen communication and deepen the bond between you and your pets. Our brush is suitable for all breeds and types of coats. With Deshed Comb, your beloved pet will enjoy the time of grooming.



SUITABLE FOR: Both Cats and Dogs


Dimensions: 8.5x 5x 2.8 Inches

Weight: 140 Grams


It all comes down to this... are you willingly ready to sacrifice your expensive items to your pet's hair which not only ruins them but also adds up the cost of cleaning them up. The extra stress, extra money being spent that too for something that can be prevented before it can become a problem? Is it worth it? 

Make a choice and bring home Deshed Comb that not only saves a lot of money and is loved by pets but also comes with a 14-Day Risk-Free Policy to back it up.

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