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#1 Pet Hair Remover

Removing pet hair from the sofa, bed, and clothes is expensive and time taking, right? WRONG!

Every swipe of Fur Vanisher grabs as much as 95% of the hair and with its self-cleaning base, it takes a second to clean it and make it reusable. Thus saving a lot of money and time spent on cleaning your expensive items.

Proper cleaning sometimes requires expensive rollers and regular visits to a dry cleaner which can take a toll on your pocket. 

Fur Vanisher is made with closely knitted material specially designed to grab hairs and small dust particles making it the most efficient and inexpensive choice.

Don't trust us? See what our customer said

Trust me it's a savior as very handy and easy to use. While seating on the sofa you just move your hands on it and see it clean. Much better than vacuum cleaner










5 min 2-3 hours 40-50 min
Ease of use

Instant, No electricity required

- Takes time, electricity required
Perfect Cleaning Perfect Cleaning Small hairs don't get cleaned
Net Cost 899 for 4-5 years 100 per cloth set 500 per month

Net Cost

per year

 180 12000 6000



3 Reasons Why This Is A MUST HAVE For Every Pet Owner

Saves your furniture/clothes from ruining

Safe to use on most surfaces
Reusable in seconds


    Here's Exactly What You'll Get...

    A tool that can help you save tens of thousands if not more, It is a compact, instant, and reusable solution to your pet's hair problem. Few swipes and it's all gone, experience like this, and not worry about ruining your clothes when you play with your fur baby!

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    Multipurpose Use: Perfect for pet owners who want to keep their clothes and home clean. It is the best pet hair remover for furniture and lint brush for clothes and it's even suitable for a variety of other uses too. Includes a travel-size brush to take with you whenever you're on the go.

    Reusable, Sturdy, and Durable: Made with high-quality material to ensure that your brush handle doesn't break. To clean the brush, just insert it into the holder and take it back out. Repeat this process a few times to ensure the brush is ready to use again.

    Effective And Super Easy To Use: This pet hair remover brush will help you remove pet hair and lint from your clothes, furniture, car, and carpet effortlessly. with just a few swipes, your brush will pick up the fur with ease.

    Environmentally Friendly And Saves You Money: No more buying lint rollers for pet hair and wasting money on messy, sticky tape refills. This is the most convenient dog and cat hair remover or lint remover for clothes you will ever need.

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  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 8 x 6 x 33 cm;

    Item Weight‏: ‎ 200 g

    Package Includes:

    1x Fur Vanisher

    1x Fur Vanisher Mini

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 107 reviews


    Seeta Lakhe
    Cleans nicely

    Very good product

    Rajat Sharma

    This product is very nice.... And useful product ..... Esly work to this product ...... Bed, sofa, carpent, pet hair esly and my family happy to this product..... I am happy to this product ....very nice product and attractive......

    Gurpreet Singh

    It's a very convenient brush. Cleaning the sofa n carpet using it is really easy. I definitely recommend it

    Ashish Gupta

    This product is super easy to use and the quality of the product is very good
    very amazing for pets