Gold Love

How Gold Love can be the best way to express your love this valentine’s

With valentine's approaching, we understand your worry about getting a gift that can reflect your everlasting love and that's why we bring to you a rose that is everlasting like your love with gold plating making it as special as the person getting it.

Don't trust us? See what one of our customers said -

My husband gifted me this. He knows how much I love flowers and how much I hate when they die. This rose is so beautiful, and I absolutely love the box it came in. The colors are so beautiful.

4 reasons this is a MUST HAVE this valentine’s


Gold Plated


Exquisite Packing 
Symbolizes Love
Makes A Perfect Gift

  • Expression of flower: Even if this colorful rose is not a real plant, it will never be wither, fade, or die. This rose is like the forever love between you with your loved ones.
  • Exquisite packaging: The gift comes with a beautiful purple galaxy pattern box, just like a flower is a crystal in the sky.
  • Art of flowers: the colorful rose is perfect and impeccable. It is as full of infinite hope and beauty as a rainbow.


Here's exactly what you'll get -

Love - It's a thing that can't be said, can't be measured, can't be bought but can be expressed, and that is what Gold Love delivers. A gift that not only removes your worry about the perfect gift for valentine's but also truly expresses your love to your loved ones.

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  • Petal and leaf- Plastic

Box Dimensions -27cm x 10cm x 7cm

Package Content- gold rose + gift box + certification + hand bag

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