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Pet Hair RollX

Pet Hair RollX

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#1 Pet Hair Remover

Remove pet hair from your couch, bed, and clothes… in seconds! HERE’S HOW-

From vacuuming to dry cleaning, removing pet hair can become a tedious & expensive task.

With Pet Hair RollX you can do this in secondsWith just a few quick swipes, it grabs onto those stubborn furballs and lifts them away, leaving your home fresh and fur-free. It's like a vacuum cleaner but without the noise, hassle, and additional cost.

Don't Trust Us! See What Our Customer Says-

Let me tell you, this little gadget is a game-changer in the war against pet hair. 

The roller glides smoothly over surfaces, effortlessly picking up pet hair along the way. It's simple design and functionality make it a convenient tool for anyone dealing with pet hair issues. 

Once you start rolling the RollX its fur-grabbing roller will automatically grab any/all pet hairs from the surface while throwing them into its waste collector, all of this providing you with a mess-free cost-effective solution to your pet hair problem. 

  • Works on all dog breed hair
  • Use it for any surface including furniture, clothes, car...
  • No mess easy to use


  • NO MORE HAIR EVERYWHERE-Take the ‘fur’ out of ‘furniture’!Not just for pets, removes human hair too!
  • REUSABLE - This roller requires no adhesives or sticky tape and can be used again and again.
  • SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT-No batteries or plugs. Just roll your rollers back and forth along any surface.
  • EASY CLEANING-When you’re done, press the button, open the remover, and empty it out. Purr-fectly simple 



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