Scrub Pro


Our skin sheds skin cells every day. If not clean regularly, these build up on our skin and eventually clogs the skin pores leading to a number of skin issues, including back acne. Unfortunately, soap can't do this but with scrubpro you can reach every body part and exfoliate it thoroughly.

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It's quite handy with the twin function on both sides of the belt, I read somewhere that it's short but I can assure you it's good enough for any average 6 footers and it’s really very soft so comfortably be used for daily usage making the difficult part of bathing really fun   

Body Double-sided Silicone Scrubber with Peeling Massage | Cool and Crazy  Trends

  1. Keeps Bacne In Check
  2. Scrubs Off Dead Skin
  3. Prevents Rash And Irritation
  4. Removes Blemish And Flakiness
  5. Keeps Skin Infection At Bay


  • Dual-Sided 2 Different Scrubbing Texture: One side of the ScrubPro is slender, soft, and dense, perfect for shower exfoliator and deep cleaning your skin. And the particles on the other side are shorter and harder, which can massage the body and promote blood circulation.
  • Easy to Use and Hang Dry: Both sides of the ScrubPro are firmly equipped with handles. Made of durable and comfortable material, the handle design is convenient to grip the scrubber and also easy to hang and dry quickly.
  • Made of Food-Grade Silicone: ScrubPro is made of food-grade silicone, which is a soft and safe material, Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, foldable, well-made, high-quality, and durable. It can effectively exfoliate and massage the skin, which is more hygienic than loofah. In addition, it is easy to clean and dry.
  • Enjoy Your Shower Time: ScrubPro adopts a unique design with outstanding craftsmanship and stable quality, which can ensure safe and reliable use. More hygienic and durable than Loofah. Let your bathing time be the most relaxing time of the day!


Product Length : 60cm

Product Width : 11 cm

Weight: 200g

Material: Soft Silicone

Country Of Origin: India

No. Of Pieces: 1 

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