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Dog Toothbrush Stick

Dog Toothbrush Stick

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Brush your pet’s teeth daily without them noticing, Here's How-

Having good oral hygiene is essential for pets, while we know it, they don't really care about it. With just this, we bring to you Dog Toothbrush Stick, pet teeth cleaning toothbrush for us, and a playful toy for them. 

With its different molar bumps and serrated grooves, it helps clean your pet's teeth while removing tartar buildup.

It is an effective way to massage and clean your pet's teeth while they enjoy playing with it.

One of our customers even said-

She has a great time chewing on the bristles and getting the toothpaste out. She has no idea this activity is actually cleaning her teeth. Mission accomplished!



It is estimated that over 2/3 of dogs over the age of three have periodontal disease, an inflammation or infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Brushing their teeth daily can help prevent this.
While doing it yourself can be a time taking process which your fur baby doesn't like.
Give Dog Toothbrush Stick a risk-free try and see how your pet falls in love with it while cleaning their teeth.





Firstly add some toothpaste to the reservoir, if your pet starts chewing the Dog Toothbrush Stick then it's all set, if not then you can replace the toothpaste with their favorite treat. The main cleaning comes from the bristles of the brush.


Let your fur baby chew it for 5 minutes, and supervise (this is really important for the safety and well-being of your pet) the whole process. After 5 minutes of chewing, you must take away the brush. 


With a natural dog chewing pattern, the bristles work at a 45-degree angle against their teeth which massages their gum line and clears away plaque. 


  • Material: Natural Non-Toxic Rubber
  • Height: 15.5 cm
  • Breath: 11 cm
  • Width: 5 cm
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Important Note: Though this toothbrush stick is defined to withstand heavy chewing, there is still a possibility that your pet may chew off the brush. Due to this supervision is very important / must to prevent any injuries.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Varun Sharma

Oscar loves it! And the doctor said his teeth health is much better. This product is a must-have!

Nisha Jain

It's a great gift for dogs. Its sturdy and hygienic and durable.

Ajay Singh

Took me a minute to realize how to get the toothpaste into the reservoir (place toothpaste tube directly on top hole and squeeze it in), and then my dog a few minutes to learn how to use it (bite where the bristles are and paste is inside there), but he loves it and it cleans his teeth well

Kim Gleason

Dog likes it. Delivery about 3 weeks to USA. Thank you!

Layla Harvey

Bone cool, more than I thought) for small breeds are unlikely to come up, my middle dog like, left the paste and паштетик buy and spread, then will not tear off my toys